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Painting Tips

  • How To Successfully Paint Laminate, Metal & Other “Hard To Paint” Surfaces
    Good Morning Old Village Paint Friends! Today we want to remind you that you CAN paint laminate, metal, plastic, vinyl and metal siding! Your simple steps to having a very successful end product: Clean the surface well.  Gentle soap and water with a sponge or clean rag are often the only tools you need.  If […]
  • It’s Not A Wall: Special Instructions for Painting Concrete, Stucco, Brick, Wood, & Metal.
    Old Village Paints can usually cover a clean wall with one to two coats.  But what about other materials? Here’s what we’ve found works best for all sorts of surfaces. Any of these surfaces need to be clean before applying anything! Concrete, Stucco, Brick:  Interior Application: Use one coat PVA primer sealer.  Then one coat […]
  • Crackle Paint Effect In A Can
    We’ve made creating a crackle effect on your next painting project as easy as we can! Want to create an antique look or crackle finish for texture and interest? We’ve got a high quality crackle treatment that is as easy as brushing on a clear coat of paint! We call it “All Cracked Up”.  Notice […]
  • You Clicked These Blog Posts Like Crazy in 2017…
    It’s fun to see what you guys were interested in in 2017! Here are the top three most looked at blog posts from last year.  We’ve included a little bit of each post, including a photo, so you can see if you want to read more (or again!)  First place goes to: 1. Create a […]
  • Want a Free 15 Minute Video on Easy Decorative Painting Techniques?
    Would you like to learn a few decorative painting techniques? We thought so! Here’s a video from our owner Laney–showing you how to use household items (and a few speciality items you can find at a craft or home improvement store) to create beautiful patterns and finishes on furniture, floors or walls. In this 15 […]
  • Grown Up Finger Painting: Have Fun Creating a Stunning Painting Effect
    Today we’re going to see how easy, FUN and striking a painting technique can be.  Above you can see a before and after shot of a piece of furniture painted with with the finger glazing technique. This Old Village Paint user (and artist) Heide Drewes of Black Swamp Studio began by painting the entire piece […]
  • Make Your Paint Job Last Longer
    We want your next paint job to last as long as possible.  When you commit effort, time and money to something- you don’t want to revisit the same project next year!  So here are some tips on getting the most out of your next paint job. By following these tips, you’ll create a surface for […]
  • How To Use Cream Wax to Create Patina
    Not many people know that along with paint, we also sell a wonderful cream wax, called “Schrack’s Cream Wax.” It is a soft wax that can be mixed with the paint or used straight out of the can for a Wax~Dry~Buff patina! What’s patina? “a gloss or sheen on wooden furniture produced by age and polishing” Our Schrack’s […]
  • How To Create a Weathered Wood Effect
    Good Morning! Today we’re offering a short tutorial on creating a weathered wood effect with some simple products.  Let’s get started! You’ll need: Wood/furniture Dry paintbrush Paint Steel Wool or sandpaper a stain or sealant (optional) First, make sure the wood is dry and clean. Second, take your paint (usually a shade of white) and […]
  • Top 3 Blog Posts of 2016
    We had record-breaking visits to our blog in 2016, and, in case you missed them the first time around, these were the top 3 most visited posts. Number 3: How to Paint a Metal _________.   This blog post goes in to all the details on prepping and painting different types of metal. Found on […]
  • Decor & Decorating: Express Yourself with Color
    Are you courageous when it comes to decorating your home? Many of us would like to be as creative as possible but need guidance to venture out from the neutrals -- and into something more powerfully beautiful. Color is the most important tool in the toolbox, say experts, who often add that one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to infuse the home with
  • Using bold paint colors
    Paint is one of the least expensive and most versatile means to changing the look of a room. According to the experts from "This Old House," 60 percent of the colors of a home that visitors perceive come from the paint on the walls. Choosing a color scheme can be challenging, which is why so many people stick with neutrals like beige and white. For those who are ready to add a spark of
  • Prep work important before painting
    Painting a home's interior can give it a completely new look and feel. A fresh coat of paint can make a room feel more vibrant and up-to-date, creating a whole new attitude within the room without breaking the bank. Whether creating an accent wall or painting each wall within a room, painting is a relatively easy and inexpensive home improvement project. But that doesn't mean painting does
  • Caution necessary when painting indoors
    Few people might think of potential safety hazards when planning to paint the interiors of their homes. Though every home improvement project can lead to injury if safety measures are not taken seriously, painting is widely considered a project where do-it-yourselfers are at minimal risk of injury. But in addition to the injury risks associated with climbing up and down ladders to paint
  • Add some fresh color to kitchen cabinets
    Many homeowners dream of giving their kitchens a full-scale remodel. Though such a project can give a kitchen an entirely new look, that look does not come cheap. According to Remodeling magazine's 2013 "Cost vs. Value Report," homeowners can expect to spend more than $53,000 on a major kitchen remodel and recoup just below 70 percent of that cost at resale. So while the idea of a
  • Give your windows more character with colour
    (NC)—White is the most common choice for window trim, but nine times out of 10, the wrong one. While it is right for white or light-coloured houses with a cottage-y feel, or for the look of a seaside home, it is not right at all for houses built of natural materials or with colourful siding or stucco, say the experts. Bright white is too bold, the contrast too great—and the result is a
  • Have more colour fun on the front of your home
    (NC)—It is hard to let loose and have fun with colour on the front of our homes. We usually feel the need to restrict our whims to the front door—and what goes into the planters. But according to colour and design experts, there are a few more places for colour fun that won't upset the neighbours. Consider these ideas: Step Risers. If you are using more than one colour on your
  • Hot New Colours for Home Exteriors
    (NC)—With the warmth of spring comes a blast of much needed colour as plants and people come back to life after a long winter. Winter can be harsh, not just on us but on our houses. Now is the time to give your house a little TLC and take years off the face of your home. Every season has a fresh new palette of hot colours. The same is true for home exteriors. “Rich grays, fresh blues
  • Lead Paint Hazards and Older Windows
     If your home was built before 1978 and you still have the original windows, it's time to seriously consider replacing your windows -- especially if you have young children or a pregnant person living at home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the routine opening and closing of windows in homes built prior to 1978 can disturb lead-based paint around the windows,
  • "FRESH Home Exterior Colors" Guide Now Available
    The new 30-page FRESH Home Exterior Colors guide is now available free online to help homeowners select the perfect colors for the exterior of the home. Written by national color expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color, the free downloadable tool is designed to make it easy for people to choose color palates that complement the exterior of the home. "Enhancing homes with exterior
  • Paint your world ahead of the curve
    (NC)—Take a sneak-peek here at the trendiest decorating colours for 2012. If you have it in mind to refresh any of your rooms sometime soon, it's worth envisioning something that is totally new and totally hot. Use these trends from the colour experts at Behr Paints to give your home the most memorable—and the most enviable—rooms in town: Santa Fe Today: Living Room, Family Room
  • Newest 'mobile app' matches paint color instantly
    (NC)—Now when decorating, you can act upon whatever inspires you in the moment. A major paint company is giving us an easy-to-use, digital application to record, identify, and match any favourite color, on the go. It might be the blue sky in a park, a vivid red sweater, or an amazing shade of lavender fabric in a flowing curtain. If you want that color exactly, it can be yours. This
  • Fresh Paint a Great Recipe for Affordable Kitchen Remodeling
    A remodeled kitchen is the fondest dream of many homeowners. But at an average cost of $56,000 for a "mid-range" upgrade according to Remodeling magazine, the price is simply too steep for most. That said, if you're on a budget, there's a great alternative: spending $100 or so to give your kitchen a whole new look with paint. "Many people underestimate the dramatic change you can make in
  • Banish Basement Dampness In a Single Weekend
    Water entering a home's basement is very unpredictable. One minute the basement could be dry and the next there could be a river running through it. For homeowners, ignoring a water problem could prove costly and rob its residents of an otherwise enjoyable place to spend their time. For concerned homeowners, protecting the basement from potential water damage is easier than you might
  • Do-Or-Die Season for Exterior Painting
    Now that Labor Day has come and gone, most of the country is entering the stretch run of the exterior painting season. If your house is in need of a new paint job, there's little time to waste: "Paint-friendly" weather is fast disappearing. "Doing exterior painting in the right weather conditions is extremely important," says Debbie Zimmer, of the Paint Quality Institute. "Fresh paint
  • Embracing Color on Your Home
     The growing trend of homeowners staying in their existing houses longer due to economic challenges has had a colorful effect on homes. People are taking the opportunity to personalize their homes more with colorful exterior accents and they're not stopping with just a splash of paint. According to national color expert Kate Smith, homeowners are taking steps to express their
  • Not All Painter's Tapes Are Created Equal Four qualities to look for that will assure a superior paint job
    Whether you're an experienced DIYer or painting your first apartment, one of the most important decisions you can make in assuring a quality paint job is the choice of painter's tape. The right painter's tape can make all the difference in achieving clean, straight paint lines, and protecting surfaces that you don't want painted, such as glass, woodwork, wallboard, ceilings, and carpeting. Before
  • Paint and Primer
    Painting is a job that requires preparation and the right equipment. Oftentimes homeowners are unsure about whether they need to use primer before painting or if just paint will do the trick. Although there are no firm rules, there are certain cases where one or the other will be adequate. Consider a room where the walls have been heavily stained, either by moisture infiltration, rust or
  • Create a white room fantasy
    (NC)—Do you have white room envy? A busy life makes the vision of a tranquil space – where light pours through fine, billowing sheers onto a shiny white floor and across rich textures of beautiful minimalist furnishings – very appealing. It's a fantasy place where the chaos of the world melts away, to be replaced by a peaceful calm. But doing white right is hugely demanding and requires great
  • Find the right paint color for you
    Painting is one of the least expensive, quickest and easiest ways to immediately transform the look of a room. With a change of color, any space can immediately take on a new personality. Choosing the perfect color for a room is key. There's no right or wrong color, it's simply about homeowners finding the right hue for them. While it may be tempting to follow the trends, sometimes the "in"
  • Five Ways to Take the Pain out of Painting
    For some people, exterior painting's a pleasure, but for others, it's a pain. If you find the project to be less fun than funk, here are five simple ways to take the pain out of your painting: 1. Simplify the color selection process. "Selecting an exterior color scheme doesn't have to be a white-knuckle experience," says Debbie Zimmer, spokesperson for the Paint Quality Institute. "You'll
  • Home décor Q&A: Zoning in on colour
    Q: What is colour zoning? A: Colour zoning (also known as colour blocking) is the intentional painting of shapes of colour within a room and it's a very hot trend in today's home décors. It opens up a whole new way of using and defining colour in a space. It's a great technique to add “punch” to a room without being overwhelming. Colour zoning can add definition, highlight interesting
  • Back to basics trend comes alive in latest paint colours
    Colour Trends for 2011 (NC)—According to colour experts, the year ahead in home décor will see a movement towards choosing more heart–warming and nurturing colours to celebrate the simplicity and beauty of everyday life. “From timeless denim blues and earthy clay and wood tones, to leafy greens, strawberry reds, sunny yellows and airy pastels, the 2011–2012 paint palette is dominated by warm,
  • Give your kitchen a weekend makeover with paint
    (NC)—Worn–out and tired cabinets, scuffed walls and an unsightly back splash. Does this remind you of your kitchen? If you haven't remodelled your kitchen in years, then the answer is probably a disheartened yes. But is it time for a complete kitchen renovation, or just a quick makeover? The answer depends on your budget. The bad news is that a total kitchen renovation with new cabinets,
  • The pros and cons of flat paint finishes
    (NC)—Do it yourself homeowners across the country are often faced with the uncertainty of when to choose between flat, eggshell or semi–gloss finishes for certain paint projects in their home. Even after you choose the perfect colour for a room, there's another very important decision to make – the paint finish. With different paint finishes to choose from, it's important to know the benefits of